How can organisations increase engagement, successfully
navigate change

We believe EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is the key

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How can organisations increase engagement, successfully navigate change & drive sustainable performance?

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Where Would You Like To Start Your EQ Journey?

EQ For Individuals

I would like to develop greater EQ to fuel my career and achieve my big, hairy, audacious goals

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EQ For Organisations

I would like EQ for my team - to power their ability to achieve strategic results whilst maintaining balance

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EQ Certification

I would like EQ to support my community, providing EQ training & tools as a Certified EQ Coach/Trainer

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Who Are We?

PTS Africa is a boutique consultancy on a mission to leverage EQ to transform Africa

We know emotions drive behaviour & we believe that the learnable skills of Emotional Intelligence can help individuals, teams & organisations increase effectiveness, achieve goals and create the future they want

We provide EQ Assessments, EQ Coaching & EQ-based Training in Sales, Customer Experience & Leadership.

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Our Services

EQ Assessments

Research has shown that the most effective individuals have more competence in Emotional
Intelligence.  EQ is a gamechanger!

The good news is that Emotional Intelligence is a learnable skill!

So where do you start? Right where you are!

Measure EQ & develop a roadmap for the future.

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EQ Coaching 

We all want to make a greater impact - improving personal effectiveness, building strong relationships & finding balance to thrive at work & in life. Emotional Intelligence is the thread that runs through all three.

Our EQ Coaches provides support & accountability.

Start your transformational EQ journey today!

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EQ-Based L&D Solutions

We believe that learning is a change process - a journey, and not an event, and our facilitators are EQ practitioners, passionate about transformation

We provide high quality L&D solutions in sales, customer experience & leadership

All our programs are rooted in our EQ ethos.

Whether in-house or online, we're committed to driving impact

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Sign Up For A Free Six Seconds EQ Assessment

This UEQ self assessment provides you with feedback on your current status and shows where your EQ strength lies.

The perfect tool to introduce Emotional Intelligence, the Unlocking EQ Profile delivers clear feedback and an action plan for using EQ to achieve your goals.

Personalized with the most advanced algorithm used in any Emotional Intelligence assessment, the Unlocking EQ Profile begins with a snapshot of a person’s goals and current outcomes, then introduces EQ and the Six Seconds Model, and finally offers personalized feedback on how to leverage EQ to drive results.

To access the assessment, add your email address, select 'Yes Please' & sign up to our mailing list.  You will receive a confirmation email with a link to the online Six Seconds EQ Assessment (the SEI). 

You will receive the 1-page report once you have completed the assessment.

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