Six Seconds EQ Certification

Become a world class Emotional Intelligence trainer.

Design and deliver transformational programs using current neuroscience to optimize learning. Clarify your voice, find your message and strengthen your “stage skills” to bring it all together.


“It is very important to understand that Emotional Intelligence is not the opposite of Intelligence, it is not the triumph of heart over head.
It is the unique intersection of both.”

- David Caruso.

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Welcome to the world of EQ!

The Six Seconds EQ Certification follows the Six Seconds’ model for learning to develop and apply emotional intelligence & offers powerful, practical tools to facilitate more effectively, using the latest research on neuroscience and emotional intelligence.

You’ll learn how to use your own emotions more wisely, and how to engage your audience with creative activities and powerful questions, and you will experience an EQ learning environment with a range of effective tools and processes that strengthen Emotional Intelligence.


Become A Six Seconds Certified EQ  Practioner

Learn how to practice Emotional Intelligence and create a context for others to do the same.