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The kind of Emotional Intelligence proficiency needed in this era of disruption cannot simply be read from books, absorbed from PowerPoint presentations or acquired in brief training programs. In order to provide the skills the employee of the future requires to thrive – we need new forms of pedagogy that are personal, experiential, and intimate.

Coaching is a powerful process to support people to create positive change.     

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Why EQ Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful process to support people to create positive change.    

We believe EQ coaching enables individuals to create new habits resulting in increased effectiveness, stronger relationships, greater balance, and quality of life.

Unlike the traditional coaching process, our coaching process has a specific focus on developing the skills of Emotional Intelligence

Our coaches utilise the Six Seconds SEI Assessment to support coaching efforts.

A complete toolset to measure and develop the key drivers of performance, the SEI assessments support individuals and provide a basis for transformation

Unlike other psychometric tools which provide an abstract diagnosis, the SEI provides practical feedback and a process for action. Created by world leaders in emotional intelligence development, these tools are statistically rigorous, highly practical, and with a global view.

Our coaching process & use of assessment tools, allows for the identification of strengths, recognition of blind spots, and development of an action plan to move forward into a positive future.

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