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Are you a coach with at least 2 years of coaching experience? Are you interested in supporting your clients to develop the learnable skill of Emotional Intelligence? WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU

  • Date: 22/07/2020 10:00
  • Location: Online Event


We are building a pool of #firstclass #topnotch #EQ Coaches to serve East Africa & beyond.


The World Economic Forum’s “The Future of Jobs” research identifies emotional intelligence as one of the top skills for the future. Why? Today, success requires collaboration, influencing across boundaries, and navigating complexity — skills that are fuelled by Emotional Intelligence (or “EQ”).

We believe that the kind of #EmotionalIntelligence proficiency needed in this era of disruption cannot simply be read from books, absorbed from PowerPoint presentations or acquired in brief training programs.

In order to provide the skills the employee of the future requires to thrive – we need new forms of pedagogy that are personal, experiential, and intimate.

Traditional approaches to learning are not effective. Most interventions are designed to increase knowledge – not for habit formation. 

How can we change this?

The answer is #EmotionalIntelligence Coaching – equipping individuals with the EQ skills necessary to successfully navigate life-after-covid and thrive.

Join us for the Six Seconds EQ Assessor Certification.
Learn to administer, interpret and debrief the SEI®, taking your clients on a journey to strengthen their EQ
The SEI® is a complete toolset to measure and develop the key drivers of performance, the SEI assessments support professionals get better results on the “people-side.” Unlike other psychometric tools which provide an abstract diagnosis, the SEI provides practical feedback and a process for action. Created by world leaders in Emotional Intelligence development, the SEI tools are statistically rigorous, highly practical

Join the #PTSDreamTeam.