EQ Lunch 'n Learn Series: Navigating Change

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Episode 2: Springing Forward - Successfully Navigating Change

  • Date: 28/10/2020 12:30
  • Location: Online Event


If there is one thing we can be certain about, it is the fact that COVID has brought changes – at work, at home and even with our finances and we will have to adapt to them, willingly or kicking & screaming.

We often fail to change as a result of the disguised benefits of staying the way we are (we do not admit this to ourselves.) We would rather stay in an uncomfortable known situation than change to a more comfortable, but an uncertain situation.

The challenge of change is rooted in neurobiology. The brain is wired to respond in a particular way, born out of experience forming set patterns of thoughts, feelings and actions. Whenever you associate a particular concept or a feeling with another, you reinforce this connection, like millions of little threads together to form a strong rope. Change requires untangling this ‘rope’ – rewiring it to form new patterns, which can be slow and challenging.

Join Mucha, Founder & Lead Changemaker - PTS Africa, as she facilitates a lively conversation with her guests and explores how to leverage Emotional Intelligence to successfully navigate change – creating new patterns & new habits.

Participants who tune into this livestream will learn:

  • Why is change so hard?
  • How can individuals adapt more quickly & embrace change in order to thrive at work?