EQ Lunch 'n Learn Series: Optimism

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Episode 2: Optimism: The EQ Edge

  • Date: 16/09/2020 12:30
  • Location: Online Event


Optimism isn’t blindly hoping for the best. 

In fact, being “optimistic” in a passive, naïve sense – without real effort – would only get us deeper into trouble. The type of optimism that will help us is this skill of optimism: intentionally practicing an optimistic mindset. This effortful optimism is about framing adversity in a healthy, realistic way and taking ownership of finding solutions – exactly what we need right now.

Optimism is a powerful attribute at work - from increased effectiveness & better performance at work to greater job satisfaction and the ability to positively integrate work & life , it has some seriously positive effects.

Join Mucha Mlingo, and her guests – as they explore how to build this essential skill.

Participants who tune into this livestream will learn:

  • What is optimism in the workplace?
  • Why is it even important?
  • Can individuals learn to be more optimistic?