EQ@Work: Executive Thoughts With Ayanda Seboni

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Episode 2: Ayanda Seboni, Group Executive Brand Marketing and Communications, PPS South Africa

  • Date: 08/12/2020 11:00
  • Location: Online Event


In complex times such as the season we are currently navigating, leaders need different strategies & tactics to drive sustainable performance.  If we are facing new business pressures, we can’t use yesterday’s leadership & management approaches, and expect to get positive results.  We need an approach to leadership suited to today’s business context

Hosted by PTS Africa, the EQ@Work - Executive Thoughts Series is monthly conversation with Executives from across Africa, delving into their insights about the future of work, and how leaders can pivot to ensure that they remain relevant as their lead their teams forward.

The EQ@Work - Executive Thoughts Series provides a learning platform for leaders & aspiring leaders who want to:

  • Get practical insights about Emotional Intelligence at work & learn how it can be more important than IQ for leadership success
  • Gain an understanding on how leaders have leveraged Emotional Intelligence in their leadership journey
  • Receive tools to build the emotional muscle necessary to lead in these uncertain & unpredictable times, and drive sustainable performance

EPISODE 3: Ayanda Seboni
Group Executive Brand Marketing and Communications, PPS South Africa

Ayanda is passionate about the role of insurance in improving the lives of people and the role of PPS as a catalyst of dreams.

“Joining PPS has indeed been the best career decision I have made to date, I love the energy of this organization the can do attitude and the commitment to excellence. I look forward to the incredible growth that lies ahead of us on our road to 2022”

Ayanda has 20 years experience in the financial services sector having worked for Glenrand MIB, Standards Bank and Barclays Africa group