Unlock Potential With EQ

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EQ drives effectiveness, relationships, quality of life and wellbeing. These learnable, measurable, scientifically-grounded skills are transformational, and will propel you forward in your professional journey, but how do you get started?

  • Date: 24/11/2020 17:00 - 26/11/2020 17:00
  • Location: Online Event


The global spread of COVID-19 has disrupted lives, communities and organisations across the globe.  As the number count increase, tension heightens & uncertainty has become the order of the day

As a result, many professionals find themselves treading water, wondering how to successfully navigate this transition to the new normal.

Join Mucha Mlingo, Founder & Lead Changemaker at PTS Africa as she facilitates the ‘Unlock Your Potential With EQ’ webinar series, a program created to help individuals dig deeper to understand their WHY?

The Unlock Potential With EQ Series will help participants to:

  • Learn how to stop operating on autopilot & build greater self-awareness to increase impact & effectiveness at work
  • Develop the skills to use your emotions as a strategic resource to propel forward & achieve your career goals
  • Build interpersonal awareness & strengthen professional relationships to maximise influence

MODULE 1: Know Yourself

This session introduces the concept of Self Awareness - the ability to clearly seeing what you feel & do.

Part of knowing yourself is not only recognising but acknowledging our habits & patterns.  So knowing ourselves requires brutal honesty – a willingness to accept our own qualities & faults, our own experiences & emotions & our own power.

Heightened self-awareness leads to greater impact & effectiveness at work.

The GOAL of this session: I can strengthen my self-awareness ‘super power’

MODULE 2: Choose Yourself 

This session explores the importance of self-management. Participants understand the importance of being intentional - doing what you mean to do.

When we know ourselves, we notice our patterns & habits. However – noticing isn’t enough to stop ‘autopilot’ behaviour.  Instead of reacting ‘on autopilot’ if we use the ability to Choose Yourself, we can respond proactively instead.

Self-management is an essential tool to positively harness the power of emotions for career success 

The GOAL of this session: I have skills to practice responding rather than reacting

MODULE 3: Give Yourself 

This session unpacks the value of purpose - having a clear reason WHY?

Without a clear WHY long term change is unsustainable. When under stress, when reacting in the pattern of flight, fight, freeze – it is very easy to focus on the short term and make choices that do not serve you well.  Give Yourself is stepping outside of that short-term survival mode & consider the WHY.

Self-direction & purpose strengthen the ability to connect, increasing interpersonal skills.

The GOAL of this session: I have skills to daily connect to my purpose & connect to others