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EQ Lunch 'n Learn - Episode 10: A Leader Worth Following

The capacity for trust—both to trust others and to inspire trust—is a fundamental character trait every leader with great responsibility must have. Research shows that trust – or lack of it – is going to be one of the biggest leadership issues in the coming years. The levels of trust within a team determine its effectiveness, productivity & performance.









EQ Lunch 'n Learn - Episode 10: A Leader Worth Following

In this 10th episode of the EQ Lunch ‘n Learn Series, we’ll explore how to leverage Emotional Intelligence to build more productive and trusting relationships at work, and become a leader worth following.

Participants who tune in will learn:

  • Why trust is at the heart of leadership?
  • How can leaders can leverage Emotional Intelligence to build trust at work, and drive heightened levels of engagement
  • How to build back trust if you’ve lost it

Our guests for this episode are:

Sarah Richson

CEO Richmele International Consultants
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Chris Mureithi

CEO Premiere Consultancy Group Ltd
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Monicah Kihia

Group Director- Human Resources & Culture NCBA Group

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