E19: Butterfly Magic

Season #1 Episode #19

An ode to the brave women out there doing their thing…

Be authentically you…
That’s the best gift you can give to the world
Your truthful authentic self.  
Not the ‘You’ you think the world expects
Or the ‘You’ society seems to say you should be 
Just be you…
Unapologetically, boldly, bravely you
Sharpen your skills, invest in yourself 
Step outside of your comfort zone & grow
Choose to challenge the status quo
But only to be a better version of the you that lies within
The you the master sees, the you He created you to be
So be you, and do you
You are not an imposter
You are enough
As you…

In this week's [email protected] Podcast, I celebrate the fierce & fabulous women out there, and share my thoughts on some essential butterfly magic