E24: God Cares About Your Emotions

Season #1

As part of the celebrations for Women’s month in SA, I was in invited to speak on a platform that has become very dear to my heart – the Virtual Prayer Experience with Evangelist Itu Maboye & his co-hosts Evangeslist Ben Mwamba & Pastor Michael Maforo. We had such an amazing experience in conversation & prayer but such as it is when time is not unlimited, I didn’t get an opportunity to share everything that I had prepared.

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Sister - God is the one who gave you your emotions. And He cares about how you feel. When you don’t pay attention, you are not utilising those emotions as they were designed. They say what you don’t know won’t hurt you but in EQ speak, we know that what you don’t know will surely derail you. When you ignore or supress your emotions, they have a tendency to bleed out in ways that are ultimately more harmful.