EQ-Based Learning & Development Solutions

EQ-Based Learning & Development Solutions

PTS utilises an approach to learning as a change process, based on current research about the brain and how learning works best. 

This learning methodology ensures the implementation of initiatives that are geared to challenging the status quo, achieving results and not excitement, to equipping individuals with the tools and skills to form new habits. 

We believe that training is key to both individual & company success and we are passionate about unlocking potential & building capacity. Our Training Agenda is categorized into 3 Training Pillars—Sales, Customer Experience & Leadership, rooted in our EQ ethos. 

We provide off the shelf programs, as well as programs curated in line with specific identified client needs.  We also create curriculum for internal delivery both in-person or online.

Register for our upcoming UNLOCK POTENTIAL WITH EQ Workshop, a program created to help individuals dig deeper to understand their WHY? 

Alternatively, if you are not sure what kind of training you need, express your interest HERE & we will be in touch with you to discuss your training needs