Developing Emotional Mastery
with Mucha Mlingo, EQ Coach & Master Trainer

A Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Program

| Tues 12th - Fri 15th March, 2024 | 8.30 - 10.00am EAT | $125
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Emotional Intelligence is the 'soft' skill that drives tangible results 

Many people believed that intelligence (IQ), was what determines success but decades of research show that people with average IQ’s outperform those with higher IQ 70% of the time.



Join Mucha Mlingo for this engaging, practical workshop equipping you with the knowledge and skills to cope in turbulent times & develop emotional mastery.

In this interactive & engaging workshop, you will learn how to increase self-awareness, build confidence and improve interpersonal skills to enhance performance.

This program will help you to:

🎯 Connect with your emotions and develop the #eqsupowerpower of self-awareness to drive optimal decision making

🎯 Take control of your thoughts & navigate your emotional state and stress levels to increase effectiveness & productivity at work  

🎯 Utilise the Six Seconds EQ Brain Profile to recognise & leverage your EQ strengths in order to understand and optimize your interactions with others, increasing effectiveness in collaborating and working with others to improve performance.

🎯 Identify a current 'people-problem' & map specific actions to support successful outcomes

This Six Seconds webinar series is for anyone who is interested in leveraging EQ to successfully navigate the human factor at work.

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Hi, my name is Mucha

I am a Six Seconds Certified EQ Practitioner,  EQ Coach & Master Trainer


Did you know that your ability to succesfully navigate your emotions is one of the biggest contributors to your success at work?  

It is! 

That's because emotions drive behaviour. Each of us has a brain that is designed to be malleable and open to our influence. What you think influences how you feel and this in turn impacts how you behave.  

EQ is about being more aware, more intentional and more purposeful – getting to the bottom of how your thoughts, feelings & actions are working together, for your good or otherwise.

As you practice this EQ skill, you will become better at challenging your thoughts and feelings, and using them as a strategic resource to power up your career.

EQ is a powerful, and learnable skill.

Join me for the Six Seconds Insights For People Development Series & learn how you can use the POWER 💪🏾 of Emotional Intelligence to TRANSFORM your life!


Insights For People Development  

A Six Seconds EQ Program With Mucha Mlingo, EQ Coach & Master Trainer


| Tues 12th - Fri 15th March, 2023 | 8.30 - 10.00am EAT | $125


Individuals who are high in Emotional Intelligence are more effective & they are able to build & maintain stronger relationships.

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This is what you will get when you register for the Six Seconds Insights For People Development Series 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Highly Engaging Six Seconds Webinar Series Facilitated by EQ Thought Leader

Six Seconds is the world's largest Emotional Intelligence Network, supporting people and organizations to learn, measure and practice Emotional Intelligence.

As a Six Seconds Preferred Partner, PTS Africa is part of a global goal to have 1billion people practicing the skills of Emotional Intelligence.

The facilitator for the IPD Series, Mucha Mlingo - is an Award Winning, Six Seconds Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, and Master Trainer

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Six Seconds EQ Assessment & Personalised Workbook

Each participant will receive a personalized workbook with their EQ assessment results plus custom exercises and tips to put their learning into action.

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Access To High Impact Online Learning Tools

Each participant will have access to online content in the IPD Library, which includes video, training material downloads and EQ tools & tips – all designed to support continuous learning & application.

The IPD Library also includes the EQ Action Planning tool.

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